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You Know You're An Adoptive Family When...

  • your child's new therapist scares the snot out of her... and you love him for it, and know you've finally found the right guy.
  • you daydream about how to add rooms or re-partition space in your small home to make room for more children.
  • for that matter, you wonder if there's someone who could retro-fit your van with another bench seat instead of the 2 seperate ones in the middle row, to make room for just one more child...
  • you have to remind yourself to let out of town friends and family members know how many kids you currently have, in case they missed a coming or a going.
  • you have to explain why the birthparents they love aren't on their "Safe-Side Adults" list.
  • you overhear your newest children talking in the bathroom, debating about whether they like this home better, or a previous one.
  • you tell your son he's your favorite black-haired 8 year old (since you also have a blonde 8-year old), and he replies with "And you're ONE OF my favorite moms."
  • your children see an advertisement with a baby in it and ask if we can "get that one."
  • your children ask to "keep" the babysitter.

Foster & Adoptive Placements

  • K (3 days - 9 months old)
    Picked up from the hospital 10/1/10, everything was going well, and we thought we'd get to adopt her... but then the state moved her to the adoptive home of the older brother she'd never met. We were positively crushed to lose her. (9 months)
  • **Gideon (7) and Malaika (5)
    Placed July 13, 2009 for adoption. A relative came forward and they were removed from our home Sept 26, 2009. Returned April 18, 2010. Adoption Finalized September 20, 2010!
  • L (11 days old)
    September 15-16, 2010 (2 days)
  • S (3 1/2)
    January 2010 (2 days)
  • C (6 months)
    December 2nd-23rd, 2009. (3 weeks)
  • C (8) & J (5)
    March 20th-22nd, 2009. (3 days.)
  • T (2) and A (13 months)
    February 2009 (3 days) Update: adopted by a family in Eastern Washington
  • R (1-2)
    February 4, 2009 - February 17, 2010. (1 year). Native child - tribe wouldn't allow adoption. Moved to a long-term foster home.
  • S (age 10)
    New Year's Eve 2008 (6 days) Update: being adopted by a co-worker of Brian's!
  • J (6) & S (2.5)
    December 2008 (6 days)
  • **Hallie (3 weeks)
    Placed August 2003 - Adoption Finalized December 2004
  • **Sam (13 months)
    Placed August 2002 - Finalized Adoption May 2003
  • J (7) & F (18 mo)
    Father's Day Weekend 2002 (4 days)

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I had wondered how you were making it as you had written about money being tightly budgeted before the divorce. Just my opinion, so take it for what it's worth, but I think it would be too stressful trying to creatively come up with $100 a week. With the age of your kids I think you'd be happier getting a job. The transition to working mom wasn't easy for me after 7 years as a sahm but we're all doing well with it now.. But if you do want to work from home, getting licensed for home daycare and getting a couple of consistent little ones is probably the way to go.

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